About Bruce

Bruce D. Anderson was raised in rural Minnesota on a dairy farm, the eldest of eight children. As a high school student he sang in the choir and taught Sunday School in their family’s local Lutheran Church. Upon completion of high school Bruce joined the U.S. Navy and served during the Vietnam war. During his service years, Bruce met and married Dorothy (Dottie) Adams of Arlington, VA. After completing six (6) years in the U.S. Navy, the couple moved to Minnesota and eventually settled in Buffalo to work and raise their five children: Leah, Rachel, Janelle & Emily (twins), and Benjamin. While working for Centra Sota Cooperative, an Agri-Business firm, Bruce again saw the benefit of serving his state and country by joining the MN Air National Guard (completing 20 years), transferring to the U.S. Air Force Reserves (completing six years), and retiring with thirty years of combined military service.


In the early 1980s, Bruce and Dottie became involved in politics with the hopes of having a positive impact on public education, with special concern for disabled children. Bruce was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1994, and Dottie was his constant companion and fellow political enthusiast. Only twelve years later, after their children were out of college and two of them had married, Dottie was diagnosed with stage IV Cancer in June of 2006. She passed away in September of that same year. In the wake of his devastating loss, Bruce struggled on and stayed involved to maintain their hope and dream that in working with government he could help to make it work for the people.


In May of 2009, Bruce was remarried to Ruth Luffey of Montrose, MN. Joining Bruce’s family of five children, Ruth has three children — Kristina, Elise, and Jeremy. The new family for Bruce and Ruth Anderson together totals eight (8) children. Additionally, Bruce and Ruth together have eleven (11) grandchildren: Bruce’s son has a boy and two girls; one of Bruce’s twin daughters does foster care and her family has one foster daughter; Ruth’s son has a boy and two girls; and one of Ruth’s daughter’s has four boys.


Ruth has campaigned with him faithfully over the past seven years. She is helping the campaign as scheduler and treasurer in his re-election bid. Bruce has served eighteen (18) years in the Minnesota House of Representatives and is in his fourth year of his first term in the MN State Senate. Bruce stepped up to the challenge when asked by the Wright County Republicans if he would consider running to fill the seat vacated by Senator Koch.


Prior to entering political service, Bruce excelled in agricultural and business sales, getting to know many of the farmers and working men and women around Wright County. He is a founding member of the Buffalo Evangelical Free Church, and has served as chairman of the board (and founding member) for the Montrose Evangelical Free Church. Bruce and Ruth now attend Monticello Evangelical Free Church. He attended North Hennepin State Community College and has a degree from Crown College, Willmar Vocational College (now called Ridgewater Community College), and Northwestern College (now called University of Northwestern).

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